Our Locations : Longview, TX (903) 663-5514 and Bossier City, LA (318) 747-4754
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About Us

Headquartered in Grand Prairie, Texas, Lone Star Coaches, Inc. has a rich heritage in providing passenger-carrier transportation services through its diversified array of options including fixed-route, line run services and tour and charter service.

Lone Star Coaches, Inc. is one of the largest passenger-carrier companies in the state of Texas where we employ 102 people following the Surface Transportation Board (STB) approval of our acquisition of Tri-City Charter of Bossier, Inc and we have expanded our operations with garaging points in Bossier, Louisiana and Longview, Texas.

Founded in 1979, Lone Star Coaches, Inc., is owned and operated by the Steelman family who span generations of passenger-carrier transportation services and have more than 35 years of fixed-route and tour & charter transportation experience.

Additionally, our tour and charter transportation services continues to provide safe, effective and affordable passenger-carrier transportation throughout the United States and to major UASI jurisdictions, including (1) Dallas, Texas, (2) Houston, Texas, (3) Washington DC, and (4) New York City, New York as well numerous other major metropolitan markets.

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  • Event Professionals
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Our Locations
Tri-City Charter, Inc.
6065 S E Loop 281
Longview, TX 75602
Office - (903) 663-5514
Fax - (903) 663-1575
Email - sales@tricitycharter.com
Tri-City Charter, Inc.
1323 Canyon Court
Bossier City, LA 71111
Office - (318) 747-4754
Fax - (318) 747-9721
Email - sales@tricitycharter.com

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